Special Features


1. Two major selling seasons

Christmas sales – these sales will be particularly good because:

  • CampAntics™ brightens up those cold, dark winter nights, and weekends;
  • Children have not yet forgotten their recent summer adventures;
  • Children will be looking forward to their next summer vacation;
  • Parents will introduce their children to camp life before sending them to summer camp the first time.

Spring/Summer sales – this is a second significant sales season because:

  • Children and parents will be looking for summer-related games;
  • CampAntics™ is perfect for vacations, the cottage, RV trips, the backyard, etc.

2. Progressive rules

To make it easy for children to learn the game and start playing, the rules are divided into three, progressive stages:
  • Rules for New Campers
  • Rules for Returning Campers
  • Rules for Senior Campers
After playing a couple of times by the Rules for New Campers, children will feel confident enough to add the Rules for Returning Campers. Then, after a few more games, they will be ready to add the Rules for Senior Campers. This feature not only eases the players into the game, but also gives them something to look forward to – room to grow from a first-time camper into a senior camper.

3. Comic book format

The Rules for New Campers are presented in an actual comic book (see our Slide Show). Rather than being intimidated by boring instructions, children actually enjoy reading these rules.

4. Rules for a single player

The Rules for Single Campers were developed to allow a child to play when he/she is alone. This is an important feature that both children and parents will appreciate.

5. Variable length of game play

Campers can adjust the length of the game to the amount of time that is available to them. Before the game begins, the campers agree on the number of days that they want to stay at camp, and then only that many Day cards are taken by each camper. Also, any time during the game the campers can agree to extend or shorten the game by adjusting the number of Day cards that they have.

6. Social interactions and sharing experiences

There are many opportunities for campers to interact, share personal experiences, and tell stories. For example, when a camper lands on a Mischief space, that camper takes a Mischief card, reads it out load, and then asks the other campers if they would like to be included in the Mischief.

7. 4-view game board

Each side of the board has art specifically oriented to the player who is sitting on that side. This feature not only enhances the enjoyment of the play experience, but also reduces the squabbling about who sits where.

8. Sunny Day spaces

Instead of a single jackpot space, CampAntics™ has 4 Sunny Day (jackpot) spaces, which increases the opportunities for excitement.

9. Turning reluctant children into “happy campers”

Some children are nervous about attending summer camp, especially overnight camp. Their parents, however, may want them to go to camp. CampAntics™ will help those parents by giving their children a safe, secure, and convenient preview of camp life. The parents of a wary child will use the game to reduce their child’s fear of the unknown, and to increase their child’s desire to experience all of the fun that awaits them at summer camp.

10. Educational

While having fun playing CampAntics™, children will also be learning new things, and developing their existing skills and abilities, including:
  • Strategic thinking
  • Social interactions while playing the Mischief and Announcement cards
  • Weighing risk against reward
  • Arithmetic (dealing with point tokens in denominations of 10, 50, and 250)
  • Reading and vocabulary
  • What life is like at a summer camp
  • New outdoor activities not yet experienced
CampAntics™ also teaches basic moral values. This is accomplished through the rules, Mischief cards, Announcement cards, and design of the game board. Examples of moral lessons: bullying is wrong, listen to those in charge, and boys don’t belong in the girls’ cabins.

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